Christmas Eve and New Beginnings

25 Dec

Cheers Everyone –

Our daughter Marina is away this year in Brazil for Christmas and she arrives in Boston on the 27th of December, therefore we are celebrating Christmas on New Year’s eve rather than tomorrow.  That alone has given me some extra time to think about a bunch of things, as this period often does, and among them is the fact that I’m going to make this blog a priority in the coming year.  I’m a foodie at heart, have been forever, and that has become clearer with each bite I take and each swill of wine.   It is the direction I need to “focus” my life in … and this blog is part of that New Beginnings.

Susan and I had lunch today at B&G Oysters in the South End of Boston. Despite my relationship with Barbara Lynch (the only other woman I’m allowed to kiss – per Susan herself), Susan had never had a Lobster Roll from B&G.  The other day Jen Pieters, who manages B&G and who I’ve known for the last four or five years, mentioned on B&G’s Facebook page that they were closing at 4 PM on Christmas eve, and the plan was set in motion.

Susan and I, lobster rolls in our sight and mouths watering, set forth for a delicious afternoon.

We were seated on the far side of the restaurant, in a location called the “Chef’s Table.”   It is actually the closest location to the grill with out actually being behind the counter, and because Susan appreciates warmth, more so than most, it was a prefect spot for us.   If you haven’t been there, B&G is a small place, but as my Mother used to say, “Good things come in small packages.”

Service in such a small space is informal but immediate, and before we knew it I had a glass of Pinot Blanc and was staring at oysters.  I chose six oysters from a varied selection of both east and west coast offerings, and settled on three from Pleasant Bay in Orleans, MA, and three from Pine Island, Oyster Bay Harbor, NY.

List of oyster options for December 24, 2010

Oysters have become one of my most favorite things to indulge upon, and learning about the nuances and their variations has been something I’ve enjoyed in the last five years.  Eating food in a raw state, with little or no preparation, is primal as well as refreshing.  Oysters, hamachi, ceviche and steak tartare all bring to the forefront a raw taste and essential feeling for what is real.

Our seats afforded us an intimate view of all that was happening, and soon after we arrived, seats started fill up as people filtered in for lunch.  My oysters arrived, along with fresh bread and olive oil, and the warmth of the grill allowed Susan to take her coat off.

A Beautiful Pine Island Oyster from NY

Next up was what we had come to B&G for … The Lobster Roll.

When we arrived, there was a deuce at the bar who had arrived some time earlier.  Listening to them, it was obvious that they were from “out of town,” and they  were as steadfastly committed to getting a lobster roll as we were.   I overheard them say, “Every other lobster roll you’ll have will have to compare to this one,” and that each time they come to Boston they made sure to stop by and get one.

Lobster Roll with Bread and Butter Pickles, Fries and Slaw

Our Lobster Rolls arrived, accompanied by house made bread and butter pickles, slaw and fries.  I’m not much of a pickle person, but these are  unlike the jar pickles you are used to having.  A great balance of vingar and spice with just the right amount of sweetness that has you savoring the flavor with each bite.

A common occurrence with other lobster rolls is the overwhelming flavor of mayo, but  with the first bite of  B&G’s, you experience the flavor of lobster right away and continue to enjoy it until the end.  B&G’s roll is a traditional New England hot dog roll, split on the top and grilled toasty brown.  The lobster meat, mostly knuckles and tail is generous and fresh, sprinkled with some chives and seasoned perfection.  There is no overpowering flavor other than that of the fresh lobster meat, which is one of the reasons it is among the best I’ve ever had.

Fresh, sweet and succulent, B&G's Lobster Roll is amazing

With the holidays upon us, and New Years just around the corner, I would suggest that one of your resolutions is to make sure and you get to B&G Oysters soon, and treat yourself to a lobster roll beyond compare.

And remember, Food is Love!

Cheers – JI



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