Flour from Joanne Chang does not disappoint

26 Dec

Susan and I had a great time meeting Joanne Chang of Flour bakery for a cupcake demonstration at Stir and to pick up her new cook book, Flour a couple of weeks ago.  I’m more of a cook, and Susan is the baker in the house, so it was a real treat for her to meet Chef Chang, and to get a taste of her amazing cupcakes.   We picked up a book, had it signed to Marina (Chef Chang wrote “Eat Dessert First” on the inside) and had an all around great time.  Can’t wait to try out some of the things in the book including Cheddar-Scallion Scones, New Old-Fashioned Coffee Cake, Homemade Oreos and the Luscious Cheesecake to start out with.  Photos in the book are by Keller + Keller and are what you would expect in a nice cookbook.

Remember, Food is Love!

Cheers – JI


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    […] past week Marina was flipping through Flour by Joanne Chang, which we had signed to Marina back in December, and she picked out the Homemade-Nutella Tart.  Marina made the crust from Flour, a Pate Sucree, […]

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