13 Jan

A view onto JFK Street from my window seat on the square

Lunch in Harvard Square is a smorgasbord of choices.   From pizza joints too numerous to name, Chinese at The Hong Kong,   and most recently the addition of Clover Restaurant, there is a never ending supply of places to grab something quick or linger over a couple of drinks. Since the new year, I’ve been having soup for lunch on a regular basis, and today I thought I would try some place I had never eaten at before, The Russell House Tavern.

I’ve been to The Russell House on various occasions, and although I’ve had oysters there, I’ve never had anything else off the menu. The place is separated into two distinct areas.  Upstairs is a tavern setting, with a bar that will seat about 10 or so, and a number of high top tables that seat couples and groups large and small.

The menu at The Russell House Tavern in Harvard Square

I was seated at a hightop that looks out on JFK street, in a corner where I could see the whole place.  My server was very attentive and arrived quickly with some water, and let me know about the specials.  Potato soup with bacon and onions was the soup du jour, and I ordered that as well as a Mikey’s Spanish Sub, a slow roasted pork loin with pickle salad, harissa-ginger aioli and Manchego cheese.

Potato soup

The potato soup was tasty, once I added a bit of salt and pepper.   The essential flavor was fine, but I found the soup slightly thin.  I assumed there would be chunks of potatoes, which I was looking forward to without even knowing it.

Micky's Spanish Sub

My sandwich arrived, straight from the kitchen (a food runner delivered it, not my server, just like my soup) and the pressed bread was still slightly hot to the touch.   I chose to have my sandwich with mixed greens rather than fries, and the volume of greens was perfect.   Sometimes “mixed greens” means a few leafs of lettuce thrown on a plate, but this was not the case.

The pork loin and pickled salad went perfectly together, and the harissa-ginger aioli added a slight tang and a bit of heat.  I could have used a bit more of the manchego, but I guess the lack of it made for a lighter sandwich which is better for me anyway.

Good Sandwich and a Great Salad of Mixed Greens

Overall I had a great lunch, and I’m sure I’ll be back.  I would have prefered to have half a sandwich and the cup of soup for a bit less cash (the whole meal cost me a Jackson, with only water to drink) but I walked out with my other half of sandwich which I’ll enjoy tomorrow for lunch.   Service was good and it was nice to sit someplace other than my desk while I had lunch.

Remember, Food is Love!



One Response to “Lunch”

  1. Emily @ A Cambridge Story January 14, 2011 at 10:33 am #

    I work in Harvard Square and often get dinner at Russel House but have never gone for lunch. I’ll definitely have to pull myself away from my desk and leftovers sometime soon!

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