Wonderful Treat

20 Jan

Duck and Foie Gras Sausage in a white bean salad ... Yum!

I was wrapping up my last day at work this week today, prior to a long week end and vacation, and while monitoring twitter and I noticed Chef Michael Scelfo of The Russell House Tavern in Harvard Square posting that he was “having some fun working on a sausage consisting of duck meat, pork fat, sage, foie gras, & meletti amaro.”   Well since I had just recently spent the day butchering a rabbit and making a rabbit pate for the first time, this caught my eye and I mentioned jokingly that if the Chef need any tasters, that I would be willing to help out.

Not ten thirty minutes later, after this tweet from Chef, “slow poaching some duck/foie/meletti test links, thinking a warm, mustardy white bean salad, w/ vinegar tinged shallots & LOTS of parsley,” I was sitting at the bar in The Russell House Tavern, having been invited over by Chef Scelfo, and shortly after presented with a beautifully composed appetizer.  I cut and tasted the sausage first.  The rich flavor of the foie gras was pleasantly balanced by the duck and pork, and the slow poaching made for a luscious feeling in my mouth.  My next bite included some of the white bean salad, that included a dash of vinegar that added just the perfect amount of acid to complement the richness of the foie gras.

I finished my portion easily, talked about it with Chef Scelfo, and thanked him for the opportunity.   He mentioned that they will be run as specials in the coming days and week, so If I were you I’d head on down and get me some of these wonderful treats.   I know I’ll be back for them soon!

Remember, Food is Love




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