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Wine Bar @ Central Bottle

15 Feb

A crew from Island Creek Oysters

Wine, something to snack on and a beautiful space make Thursday “Wine Bar” events at Central Bottle a must on your to do list.   What better way to start off your week end than be stopping by Central Bottle, in Cambridge, just a short walk from the Central Square MBTA stop, and share a glass of wine with a friend or meet some new ones?  Last night, Valentine’s in case you missed it, Central Bottle kicked off the lovers holiday with a special treat of “Buck a Shuck” Oysters from Island Creek, and four different wines.

Six and one equals a bit more than a Hamilton

I tried a glass of the Valentina Montepulciano D’Abruzzo Rosato 2009 and six oysters, straight off the boat, so to speak. The wine was clean and fresh with a bit of flower to it, and it complemented the oysters well.   Six oysters and the glass of wine ran me just a bit over a Hamilton, and when you include the lively atmosphere, it comes out to a very good deal.

Lots of folks starting Valentine's Day at Central Bottle

I’d never been to Central Bottle – it’s been open for a year or so – and it was nice to have a moment to look around.   While I was there I ran into partner Nick, and he showed me around the place despite the crowd of folks hanging out.   Nick explained that in addition to wine they also carried beer as well as provisions for a perfect evening.   The space is well stocked with various wines from around the world, and they are slowly moving more American offerings to the shelves as well.

Close to the door, right were you need them

One of the nice features, if you are looking for a quick bottle that isn’t going to empty your pocket, is that they keep a table close to the door stocked with $ 15 and under bottles, which can be handy for last minute purchase.

For the moment it seems Wine Bar is every Thursday (check their web site for specifics) and I’m going to make sure I get a chance to get down there again soon.

Remember, Food is Love!




Island Creek and an IPA

8 Sep

This past week end I had to process two weddings, which means going through thousands of photos, picking out the best, color correcting them and then uploading them to the web.  One of the less glam parts of being a photographer, but at least I’m not in a darkroom with chemicals and no ventilation like the “old days.”

To “reward” myself for getting the first wedding done, and to motivate myself during the second one I had next to me some lovely Island Creek Oysters and an IPA from Lagunitas, my new favorite.  Island Creek is located in Duxbury and their oysters can be found on menus such as The French Laundry, Per Se, Le Bernardin, and even in the White House.  I’ve had the good fortune of working with the crew of ICO a number of times, at B&G Oysters in the South End as well as with the folks from Outstanding in the Field.

Island Creek ready to be shucked

Salty Sweetness

Perfect afternoon snack

Needless to say, the weddings were finished, as were the accompaniments.

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