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Mise En Place – Italy 2010

14 Feb

Market in Rome

Fruit in a market in Rome

Prosciutto de Parma hanging in the window in Rome

The large indoor market in Florence

A little over a year go our family spent two weeks in the Tuscan region of Italy.   We visited Rome, Siena and Florence and had an amazing time.  These are a few images from that trip.  Enjoy.

Remember, Food is Love!




Mise En Place

6 Feb

Brother Arnold weeding the corn field

This weeks Mise En Place is from the opposite end of the culinary spectrum than what I’ve put up recently. When you shop locally for the food you bring to your table, it comes from places where people are dedicated, hard working, and passionate about what they do, small local farms.  If you look closer, and have the chance, you have the opportunity, like I did a number of years ago to see an even tighter food circle … where those that are doing the farming are actually providing for themselves.

The United Society of Believers, commonly called the Shakers, was founded in 1747, in Manchester, England, and later came to America in search of freedom of religion.  The Sabbathday Lake Shaker Community, in New Gloucester, Maine was founded in 1783, and is the only surviving active Shaker community in the world.   A number of years ago I had the chance to spend a bit of time with the six remaining (at that point) Shakers, and these few photos are from that wonderful experience.  Today Sabbathday Lake is the only active Shaker Community, and they still strive to live a life of work and worship, fulfilling the motto of the Shaker founder, Mother Ann, to “put our hands to work and hearts to God.”

Sister Frances in the community kitchen

Brother Arnold, right, and Brother Wayne moving a ewe from the barn

Sister Francis, in the above photo, passed away a number of years ago at the age of 81, and Brother Wayne, on the left above, has left the Shakers, after 26 years with the society. You can read about that story in the Boston Globe.

Thanks for taking a look.

Remember, Food is Love!



Mise En Place

2 Feb

Glasses of wine on display at Menton prior to opening

A Cocktail being poured in Providence, RI at Hemmingways

I missed my Mise En Place on Monday, so here are two photos for your viewing pleasure.

Remember, Food is Love!




Mise En Place Monday

24 Jan

Opening night at Menton

Like a great wine or dish, this photo is full of complex layers, which is why I love it.


Vegetable stock at No. 9 Park

I love the richness and simplicity of this shot of stock, one of the first photos I took for the Gruppo.

Remember, Food is Love!



Year in Food Photos

31 Dec

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Look around the web today, December 31st, and you’ll find loads of posts on best of best lists and selections from the past year.   In honor of that, and as a way of looking at what I’ve done over the past year, I’ve collected 40 of my favorite food images from this past year.  Many of these “food images” are actually of people or items from the food industry, as I really think that is what makes this world one I love to work within.  I hope you like them, and please let me know what you think.

Remember, Food is Love!

Cheers – Justin

What is in a name …

31 Aug

So when we decided to start his blog, there really was only one choice for the name of it.   In the last couple of years Susan and I have had the good fortune of spending some time with James Beard award-winning  Chef Barbara Lynch.


It all started about three years ago, almost to the day, when I was searching around for a cooking class for Susan, to give to her for her birthday.   I stumbled upon Stir, a new ” demonstration kitchen and cookbook library.”  Everything sounded great, but there were no photos on the site!

I wasn’t able to sign up for a class that I wanted – it was sold out, a good sign of things to come – but I did email them to get on the newsletter list, and I mentioned that I was a photographer interested in food, and I’d be happy to shoot for them.  Long story short, we’ve become connected to Barbara and the “Gruppo” family a bit, and I’ve photographed in all of her restaurants and locations since.

Part of the beauty of being in the kitchen with Barbara is you get to see an amazing Chef and her staff at work, and you get to hear some of the back stories about the food, people and chaos that surrounds the various establishments she runs.  During one of these moments, Chef was talking about presenting a cooking class to a small group of people, and taking questions from the “students.”  Among the various inquires about technique and cooking time came the question, “Is it OK to substitute two-percent milk for the heavy cream in that recipe?”

F2% came from that interaction, and has been my “unofficial motto” ever since I heard the story told.