In the last few years I have had the good fortune of spending some of my time with many different local chefs, including James Beard award-winner  Chef Barbara Lynch.

Part of the beauty of being in the kitchen with Chef Barbara is you get to see an amazing Chef and her staff at work, AND you get to witness some of the back stories about the food, people and chaos that surrounds this world.   During one of these moments, Chef  was talking about presenting a cooking class to a small group of people, and taking questions from the “students,”  when as part of one the various inquires about technique and process came the question, “Is it OK to substitute two-percent milk for the heavy cream in that recipe?”

Perplexed, Barbara answered, “Fu@k  2%! …” and continued on to explain all the reasons to use HEAVY CREAM, BUTTER and LARD whenever necessary.

The web site “F2%” came from that interaction, and has been stuck in my brain ever since.


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